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Automatic Fruits&Vegetable half cutting machine

Fruit&Vegetable Processing Machines-Wenming Machinery

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Winter Melon Watermelon Pumpkin Papaya Cantaloupe Apples, Pears Fruits&Vegetable half cutting machine 

1.Fruits&Vegetable Half Cutting Machine Introduce:      

The fruit and vegetable cutting machine is mainly used to cut  cabbage, vegetables, carrots, corn, fruits, etc. in half, used in vegetable processing plants and pickle food processing plants.

Features: Cut vegetables and fruits in half from the middle of the conveyor belt, evenly, without waste, the conveyor belt is V-shaped (90°), and smaller cabbage can be evenly cut. wmmachinery

The frame of the whole  wmmachinery del com machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the surface is brushed. Beautiful, safe, durable and easy to clean. This equipment is mainly used for the processing and cutting of fruits and vegetables in half, with large cutting output and fast cutting speed; protection devices are installed around the equipment to improve the safety during use; the fruit and vegetable halving machine is a customized product, which can be customized according to users According to the actual needs, different designs and products have good cutting effects. The cut fruits and vegetables will have a smooth cutting surface and the cut vegetables will be even.                                                          

2. Fruits&Vegetable Half Cutting Machine Features:

  1. High cutting speed to 3000kg per hour.
  2. Dry type peeling, do not need water.
  3. No damage to product.
  4. Suitable fpr different size of fruits&vegetables ,such as cabbage, vegetables, carrots, corn,Winter Melon Watermelon Pumpkin Papaya Cantaloupe
  1. Compact structure, small footprint.
  2. Easy to maintains andoperate.
  3. Made of stainless steel, sturdy, beautiful and durable.


Apples half cutting machine

2. Fruits&Vegetable Half Cutting Machine Technical Parameters:








380v 50Hz


304 Stainless Steel



Support customization

The machine can be customized according to different fruits and vegetables




 3.Fruits&Vegetable Half Cutting Machine Pictures:

Winter Melon half cutting machine
Pumpkin half cutting machine

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