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Intestine Washing Machine for duck chicken gota intestine Cleaning

Meat Processing Machine-Wenming Machine

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Intestine Washing Cleaning Machine for duck chicken gota intestine etc

1.Goat Intestine Cleaning Machine Introduction: 

This Chicken and duck Intestine Cleaning machine is an indispensable equipment for processing chicken intestines and duck intestines after cutting them. This machine can perform the overall cleaning function of chicken intestines or duck intestines, also can do other intestines such as goat intestines, pic intestines etc. When working, this machine imitates the function of manual massage to clean the intestinal lining mucosa after dissection. At the same time, the rotating centrifugal force of the drum can throw out the waste water after cleaning at any time, so as to achieve the cleaning effect.

The main structure of this Intestine Cleaning Machine is composed of cleaning drum, bracket, transmission device, cleaning device, electrical appliances, etc.

The Intestine Cleaning machine Cleaning roller: The round cleaning roller runs smoothly and adopts a perforated design with multiple groups of massage heads inside, which is smooth and durable and does not damage the material. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel. It is also designed with an interlocking buckle cover, and the large-sized discharge port is convenient for discharging.

Intestine Cleaning machine Bracket and protective cover: The high-strength stainless steel frame ensures the smooth operation, and is designed with a semi-circular waterproof cover, which is effectively waterproof. High safety performance.

Intestine Cleaning machine Electromechanical part: The planetary cycloid reducer is adopted, which has high transmission efficiency, sturdy and durable, and is easy to maintain.

Intestine Cleaning machine Bearing seat: This machine adopts large-sized bearing seat, which ensures the stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent and is easy to maintain.

Intestine Cleaning machine Transmission system and electrical appliances: The transmission system of this machine adopts a stepless speed regulating device, which can be adjusted according to different production conditions. The motors are all national standard copper coils (different types of motors can be customized according to the voltage requirements of different countries). The electrical appliance adopts an external independent distribution box. Beautiful and waterproof.

Intestine Cleaning machine Cleaning part: The universal adjustment rotary joint is used to ensure the water supply when the equipment is running. Not only beautiful but also easy to adjust, the water volume can be adjusted at any time according to work needs.

2.Goat Intestine Cleaning Machine Technical parameters


Intestine Washing Cleaning Machine




600kg/h 50-100kg per time 6-10min per time

Washing Roller size



Stainless steel


Frequency adjustable

Intestine required

Sliced chicken intestines, duck intestines, sheep farm tripe, etc. adding some coarse salt



Power supply voltage







3.Intestine Washing Cleaning Machine Video & Pictures:


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