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Fortified Rice Machinery Plant Rice Making Machine

Grain&Nut Processing Machines-Wenming Machinery

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 Fortified Rice Machinery Plant Rice Making Machine

1: Production of Rice Making Machine

Grinding-->Mixing-->Conveyor--->Extruder--->Vibration Screen--->Air Conveyor--Dryer--->Cooling--->Packing

1: Grinding: to grind the broken rice or other raw material into the powder first

2:Mixing machine: Mixing rice powder separately or mixed with some additives, and the equipment used for raw materials before food puffing is mainly mixed with the mixer of raw materials, water and the need for the required accessories (pigments, flavoring agents, etc.). Before the preparation of the expansion.

3: Spiral Coveyor: Use the motor to transport the power spiral type to transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding bucket of the squeezer to ensure that the material is convenient and fast.

4:Extruder: There is a special control cabinet. In high -pressure environments, the rice particles are squeezed out. The adjustment process and the replacement of molds can produce different shapes of rice grains. The machine is supplied system,Squeeze system, rotation system, heating system,transmission system, and control system. Adopt advanced screw squeezing and puffing technology to use high temperature High -pressure cooked materials and expanded, completed at one time.The host uses variable frequency speed adjustment to ensure the stability of the production process. Various products and varieties of products, diverse varieties, Beautiful appearance, natural realistic, delicate texture, extensive raw materials

5:Vibration Screen: The squeezed particles contain a little temperature and viscosity. The particles are spread out by the vibration sieve to avoid sticking together. Configure the cooling fan.

6:Air Converyor: Send the product to the oven, and the height of the racket is determined according to the oven.

7:Multi -layer oven: The drying box is a low -temperature customized oven. According to the nature of the product, after long -term practice and technical improvement, the indirect drying box that is specialized in production. Type: Five -layer five -meter hot air drying box, five -layer seven -meter hot air low temperature drying box, seven layers of eight -meter hot air drying box, different output configuration of different types of oven

8: Cooling conveyor: The grilled particles contain a certain temperature, and the packaging quality is ensured by cooling to the room temperature.


2: Technical Parameter of Rice Making Machine


Machine name

Machine Picture

Parameter introduction


Grinding Machine

Grinding Machine





Flour Mixer



Model: WM-FM100

Size mm: 100*920*1240






Model: WM-SF

Power: 0.75kw

Dimensions: 2.5×0.6×1.8m

Weight: 300kg

Used for material transportation


Screw extruder



Model: WM-LSM100

Output: 100-200kg/h

Voltage/Hz: 380V/50HZ

Oil pump motor: 0.37kw/2.5 pole

Water circulation system



Vibrating screen

Vibration Sreen


Model: WM-VS

Power: 0.55kw

Dimensions: 1.0×0.8×1.0M

Weight: 200KG

Used for product vibration rice grains to prevent adhesion


High pressure air conveyor

Air Conveyor



Installed capacity: 1.5kw

Production capacity: supporting

Size mm: 1200*530*2500 (Height includes pipe and Sacron size)

Food contact 304 material

Guard plate thickness 1.5MM


8 meters 5 layers hot air drying box

Hot Air Oven


Model: WM-HDO800

Installed power: 60kw

Production capacity: supporting

Size 8..2×1.5×2.7m




5m cooler



Model: WM-CL

Power: 0.75kw

Dimensions: 5×0.6×0.8

Weight: 200KG

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You can contact us to get more details of machines or let us know your requriement we can design and manufature machine according to your need.

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 3:Picture of Rice Making Machine:

Rice Making Machine Rice Making Machine
Rice Making Machine Rice Making Machine
Audrey-Zhengzhou-Wenming-Machinery- Sales-Manager

Ms. Audrey

Sales Manager

Mobile: 0086-18703678018




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