How to use the WM 16 working station High Speed Mango Peeling Machine

Commerical Mango Peeling Machine manual
Multi-station imitation manual high-efficiency mango peeling machine tutorial

This Machine is special designed for higher capacity mango peeling, can also peel other fruits such as Yam taro sweet potato cantaloupe eggplant etc. Adjustable blade, adjustable peeling thickness. 8 or 16 heads working at same time, with higher capacity peeling processing.

  1. Commercial Mango Peeling Machine appearancemango-peeling-machine
  2.  Commercial Mango Peeling Machine Panelmango-peeling-machine-controller-part
  3. Commercial Mango Peeling Machine start upmango-peeling-machine-start-up
  4. Commercial Mango Peeling Machine OperatingCommercial-Mango-Peeling-Machine-Operatingtouchscreen-operation-of-mango-peeler-machine (1)touchscreen-operation-of-mango-peeler-machine (2)

Changing the cutting times