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Car Engine Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment-Car Engine Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

1.Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Introduce:  

This Dry Ice Cleaning Machine is speical designed for car repair shop.

The design of the back storage box can reasonably store the equipment accessories, showing the lean design concept. After the equipment is used and stored, it has strong integrity and avoids the clutter of the station.

A filter is set at the inlet end, and the dry compressed air reduces the probability of ice blockage in the injection process.

Exquisite appearance design to improve the professionalism and beauty of the workshop.

Dry Ice Cleaning Machine for cars
Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

The Dry Ice Cleaning does not cause any damage to the surface of the cleaning object, especially the metal surface, nor does it affect the smoothness of the metal surface. 

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment other use

The dry ice blast cleaning machine is mainly used: 1. In automotive industry - to clean carbon deposits inside the engine, mold, as well as wax and polyurethane residue on the car seat tooling. 2. In tire industry - to clean tire mold. 3. In power industry - to clean generator housings, fan blades and power distribution systems, as well as the surface of stators and rotors. 4. In food industry - to clean carbon deposits on conveyor belts, furnaces, baking trays, rollers, and other transport devices. 5. In printing industry - to clean ink and fuel deposits on gears, guides and nozzle. 

You can click here to see all of our models:List of our Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Principle

When the equipment is working, the dry ice is transferred into the ice mixing chamber at the discharge port of the funnel. There are grooves on the circumference of the ice cutter wheel inside the ice mixing chamber. The grooves can hold dry ice pellets,The mixed popsicle is driven by the motor to rotate,Dry ice is brought into a relatively closed space by rotating motion, mixed with high-pressure air flow, and then pushed by the air flow through the ice conveying pipe, and is constrained to a specific air flow line by the handle spray gun and sprayed out.It hits the dirt surface and instantly expands about 800 times.After its own volume peels the dirt ff the surface of the object, it is taken away by the airflow.Adjust the appropriate amount of ice output according to the strength of dirt adhesion.    

Dry Ice cleaning principle

2.Dry Ice Blasting Equipment Machine Technical Parameters:

GBQ700 dry ice cleaning machine for cars

dry ice cleaning machine







dry ice cleaning machine spare part for cars



Air consumption




adjustable-5.5 bar)


Air supply

0.1-0.9Mpa (1-9bar ) adjustable


1 intake pipe

1 ice outlet pipe

1 hose spray gun

1 long handle flat nozzle spray gun

4 SUS nozzles

1 90° right quick connector

1 sheath

1 ice shovel

1 mask

1 ear cup

1 push button switch

1 pair of earplugs

1 pair of gloves

Dry Ice in speed

0-1.65 lbs/min (0-0.75Kg/min) adjustable

Storage of

dry ice hopper

23.5 lbs (10.5Kg)


Dry ice state 



Protection class


Drive Mold

Direct drive



Net Weight


 Also have other Dry Ice Cleaning machien modles for differnt use

the GBQ750 speical for Cars Dry Ice Cleaning, have big Dry storage capacity.

Dry Ice Cleaning Machine
Dry Ice Cleaning Machine
Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

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